Coney Island Prep Lower Elementary School

Teaching the Fundamentals: compassion | creativity core | learning

Building a Foundation

Coney Island Prep Lower Elementary School, a free public charter school, blends joy, rigor, and high expectations to ensure scholars in Kindergarten through second grade from the vibrant neighborhoods of Coney Island, Brighton Beach, Sheepshead Bay, and surrounding areas in Brooklyn (zip codes 11224, 11235, 11229) are well-prepared to succeed. With two teachers in every classroom, our school boasts small teacher-to-student ratios that accelerate learning and enable personalized instruction for each scholar, ensuring they are ready to excel academically and socially.

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Spotlight: Early Childhood Literacy and the Science of Reading

Strong Readers Start Here

Coney Island Prep leverages a research-backed approach to teach the science of reading. We focus heavily on phonics instruction, word recognition, vocabulary, background knowledge and comprehension skills, to cultivate our young learners’ strong reading abilities from the moment they step into our building.

With two teachers in every classroom to support smaller ratios and provide more individualized support, scholars spend most of their day in small group instruction tailored to their needs.

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Pride Values

Push Yourself
Reach For
Your Goals
Include Others
Do Brave Things
Every Second

School Leaders

Brittany Harper Headshot

Brittany Harper

Principal, Coney Island Prep Lower Elementary School

Erin Swide Headshot

Erin Swide

Director Of Operations, Coney Island Prep Lower Elementary School