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A good GPA and high SAT score isn’t enough to get into the best colleges anymore. Help give our scholars game-changing opportunities to study abroad, attend pre-college programs, and secure internships while still in high school.


Nicole’s Story

Nicole P. attended Georgetown University between her 10th and 11th grade years, as part of a pre-college program. She studied Forensic Chemistry with undergraduates, beat them on tests, and earned an “A” in the course. One year later, she was admitted to Georgetown University with a full scholarship.

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Gerardo’s Story

Gerardo C. studied abroad in France the summer before his senior year, becoming almost fluent in French and learning the culture and yes, cuisines of a country he’d only dreamed of visiting. After writing about the experience in his college application essays, he is now attending Hunter College, which President Obama called, “one of the best colleges in America.”

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These experiences were free for Nicole and Gerardo, and similar experiences have been free to dozens of Coney Island Prep scholars because of the generous support of donors like you.

There are significant costs associated with these experiences, including transportation, books, tuition, food, and more that would otherwise be obstacles for most of our low-income students.

College readiness is so much more than test scores and GPA — it’s having the experiences, character, and skills that come from a well-rounded education. By providing our scholars with these experiences, we make it all the more likely that our scholars will beat the odds and graduate from college, ready to embark upon their dream careers.

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