Investment in our scholars is unmatched

All in.

We are all in. We understand that this work, indeed our mission, requires a lot of us – both as individuals and as a team. Our investment in ensuring every single one of our scholars is prepared to succeed in the college and career of their choice is unmatched.

Compensation and Benefits

  • Employees at Coney Island Prep are provided with salaries that are highly competitive, set through a lens of equity, and based on an individual’s skills and experiences relevant to the role.
  • As a regular full time employee of Coney Island Prep, you will be eligible for benefits that include medical, dental, vision, and life insurance as well as a 403(b) retirement benefit package with match and Paid Family Leave.
  • Staff are provided with a MacBook Air and access to all the necessary technology and resources needed to succeed in their role.
  • Transparent on all salaries
  • Lead Teacher Salary: Based on years of experience lead teaching in a K-12 setting. ($67,500- $92.5000 starting salary)
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