Diversity Equity & Inclusion

Fulfilling Our Mission

Our mission is a diversity, equity, and inclusion mission


Coney Island Prep is committed to building a team that collectively reflects the various backgrounds, experiences, and identities of our scholars. We aim to create an environment where every scholar and every member of our team can see themselves reflected in one another. We recognize there are many aspects of identity, including race, ethnicity, gender, religion, age, ability, national origin, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, and many other attributes that make our organization unique and stronger as a result of that.


Coney Island Prep is committed to creating an environment that institutionalizes practices that advance the learning, access, and ability of all scholars, families, and staff. These practices give agency to those who have been historically marginalized while also asking each of us to examine our positions of power and privilege in our work. We recognize and respond to different points of access, so that everyone maximizes their highest potential.


Coney Island Prep is committed to creating a space where everyone feels like all aspects of their identity are acknowledged, respected, and welcomed. We build relationships through our differences and seek input from those with other perspectives to better fulfill our mission.

Antiracism in Action

Diversity Equity Inclusion and Justice Vision Statement

Coney Island Prep strives to eradicate the effects of racism, poverty, and other forms of oppression in our school community by making resources, opportunities, support systems, and classrooms equitable and accessible for all our stakeholders.

We are committed to creating equitable schools by embedding antiracist practices into the foundation of our organization, thereby eliminating racist outcomes from our student, family, and staff data.

By drawing on our differences and encouraging self-advocacy, choice, and agency, we forge strong relationships for the benefit of our schools and community. We acknowledge the complex ways that our intersecting identities impact our experiences, and we embrace the challenges associated with addressing these wrongs. We will hold ourselves accountable to constantly evaluating our progress toward our mission to meet our goals. We embrace the ever-changing and ever-evolving nature of our work. As Coney Island Prep develops, so too will our Vision and Action Plan for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

We will implement research-based instructional and socio-emotional best practices aligned to our classroom and school culture visions as vehicles for change and progress. We coach and develop our staff to partner with our stakeholders so that we may live and thrive in Coney Island and communities throughout the world. We are committed to making sure our efforts eradicate historical and present injustices in our school community by actively undoing policies and structures that uphold white supremacy and oppressive powers.