Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week with us! Today, Coney Island Prep is addressing a significant issue affecting both teachers and New Yorkers: the lack of affordable housing.

We are excited to introduce CIPlace – Teacher Housing Assistance Fellowship. This groundbreaking program aims to support teachers over the next three years by providing up to $6,000 annually in rental assistance. We are grateful to have the generous sponsorship of Charter School Growth Fund and Black Latinx Asian Charter Collaborative.

This initiative goes beyond teacher recruitment and retention. While we deeply value and prioritize the needs of our teachers, our students always come first. We understand that our scholars thrive when they have exceptional teachers leading their classrooms, teachers who are equally dedicated to the well-being of our students’ communities. We firmly believe in the transformative power of fostering a sense of place and embodying the spirit of #Allin at #CIP, which means being wholeheartedly committed to the community we serve.

For more information, click here. Join us or spread the word!