Our Approach

The success of our schools is determined by the success of our scholars.


We are intentional about building joyful, academically rigorous classrooms. To do that we:

We are a community that is laser-focused on college and career readiness, so we also provide many experiences that make this come alive for students. Beginning in Middle School, students go on yearly trips to colleges and universities across the East Coast, and in High School our students can study abroad, take pre-college courses at universities, and intern with businesses around New York City.

Throughout our scholars’ time at Coney Island Prep , they are expected to uphold the PRIDE values.

PRIDE Values

  • The letter 'P'


    We have the highest behavioral standards for every member of our community. As an academic institution, we foster a professional environment wherein teachers and parents provide important professional role models for every student.

  • The letter 'R'


    We are committed to an environment in which every individual is treated and treats others with the utmost respect.

  • The letter 'I'


    Our values drive every decision, big or small. Not only are our students, faculty, and parents expected to act with integrity at all times, but we also strive to create an environment where students explore and develop a personal sense of integrity.

  • The letter 'D'


    We approach every goal and obstacle with a positive mindset, and with the understanding that every goal is achievable with the appropriate level of determination.

  • The letter 'E'


    We are dedicated to providing an environment that encourages the continual pursuit of personal excellence.

Coney Island Prep Academics

To learn more about our academic opportunities, select your child’s grade level:

Coney Island Prep Elementary

At Coney Island Prep Elementary School, we are building the foundations for your child to succeed in college and careers. These foundations are built with strong academic preparation and character development that builds habits for a lifetime.

Our scholars learn to embody the PRIDE values of Push yourself, Reach for your goals, Include others, Do brave things, and Every second counts. This is also reflected in how we run the school: our scholars receive almost 7 hours of more time in school per week than most NYC schools.

School begins each day with “Family Meeting,” where scholars and teachers get excited to learn and set the right tone for the day. Then, each day scholars received 200 minutes of literacy instruction following a “Balanced Literacy” approach. Scholars choose their own books for independent reading time, participate in small group and whole class read-clouds with their teachers, and learn to be critical readers.

Scholars also take daily math classes that teach them how to do more than just solve math problems — our math classes teach scholars to think critically and problem solve, developing foundational skills they can build upon over time. We are able to target our instruction for your child by using blended learning, which uses computers to tell teachers precisely where students need help.

Scholars round out their learning with hands-on science lessons, art, and music classes.

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Coney Island Prep Middle School

Like the elementary school, Coney Island Prep Middle School scholars follow a set of PRIDE values: Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Determination, and Excellence.

Scholars engage in a well-rounded curriculum, including two hours of reading and ninety minutes of math every day, as well as daily history and science classes. In eighth grade, scholars take high school-level math and science courses, and 100% of 8th graders who took the Algebra Regents exam in 2017 passed.

All Middle School scholars participate in daily enrichment courses, including art, health and fitness. They also meet weekly in small groups for advisory classes to build community, teach soft skills, and foster healthy spaces for conversation about other issues Middle School scholars are facing.

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Coney Island Prep High School

At Coney Island Prep High School, scholars are expected to graduate with college acceptances in hand — and 100% of our first graduating class did just that.

To get there, scholars dive into a rigorous curriculum rich with AP courses and College and Career Readiness classes, all in a supportive, small-school environment with sports and various after-school enrichment offerings. Coney Island Prep High School offers 11 AP courses, hosts a yearly career fair, and has a brand new science lab.

Every scholar has the opportunity to either study abroad, attend summer pre-college programs, or secure an internship by working with our College and Career Readiness team who guide them every step of the way.

Our scholars have studied at summer programs in China, France, Vietnam, Mexico, India, Ecuador, Morocco, and Spain, and received college credits at Georgetown, University of Rochester, Brown, Marist, UConn, Yale, and many other colleges and universities.

We also have a bustling set of school clubs, including the Black Student Union, Photography Club, Middle Eastern Students Association, Chess Club, and many more.

Welcome to the Riptide family!

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