Becoming a Scholar.

Rigorous academics, a close-knit community, and high expectations, all in the heart of Coney Island since 2009. We're delivering a college-prep education to grades six through eight.

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  • 501 West Avenue
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501 West Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11224

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Each Coney Island Prep campus has its own event and policy handbook. Please contact Coney Island Prep Middle School with questions about this campus’ policy.
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By creating a warm, safe and rigorous environment with high expectations for academics and behavior, we're setting our scholars up for success in high school and beyond!

Coney Island Prep Middle School outperforms the city and state in Math and English test scores.

Scholars follow a set of PRIDE values: Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Determination, and Excellence.

Scholars engage in a well-rounded curriculum, including two hours of reading and ninety minutes of math every day, as well as daily history and science classes. In eighth grade, scholars take high school-level math and science courses, and 100% of 8th graders who took the Algebra Regents exam in 2017 passed.

All Middle School scholars participate in daily enrichment courses, including art, health and fitness. They also meet weekly in small groups for advisory classes to build community, teach soft skills, and foster healthy spaces for conversation about other issues Middle School scholars are facing.

At Coney Island Prep, I’ve been able to grow my craft as a teacher and leader, and the professional development opportunities are built into the culture and routines of our school.

Our Team

At Coney Island Prep, the single greatest lever that we have to positively affect the outcomes of our scholars is our teachers. The amazing teachers and staff on the Coney Island Prep team work tirelessly, day-in and day-out, to ensure that 100% of our scholars are positioned to succeed in the college and career of their choice.