Writing the Next Chapter.

Coney Island Prep Upper Elementary School equips our third through fifth grade scholars with the critical thinking skills they’ll use for the rest of their lives.

  • 133 27th Avenue
    Brooklyn, NY

133 27th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, USA

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Every child has the right to academically rigorous, joyful instruction!

At Coney Island Prep Elementary School, we are building the foundations for your child to succeed in college and careers. These foundations are built with strong academic preparation and character development that builds habits for a lifetime.

Our scholars learn to embody the PRIDE values of Push yourself, Reach for your goals, Include others, Do brave things, and Every second counts. This is also reflected in how we run the school: our scholars receive almost 7 hours of more time in school per week than most NYC schools.

School begins each day with “Family Meeting,” where scholars and teachers get excited to learn and set the right tone for the day. Then, each day scholars received 200 minutes of literacy instruction following a “Balanced Literacy” approach. Scholars choose their own books for independent reading time, participate in small group and whole class read-clouds with their teachers, and learn to be critical readers.

Scholars also take daily math classes that teach them how to do more than just solve math problems — our math classes teach scholars to think critically and problem solve, developing foundational skills they can build upon over time. We are able to target our instruction for your child by using blended learning, which uses computers to tell teachers precisely where students need help.

Scholars round out their learning with hands-on science lessons, art, and music classes.

I love pumping up my fourth grade scholars for college - they’re learning the skills and knowledge they need to succeed every day.

Our Team

At Coney Island Prep, the single greatest lever that we have to positively affect the outcomes of our scholars is our teachers. The amazing teachers and staff on the Coney Island Prep team work tirelessly, day-in and day-out, to ensure that 100% of our scholars are positioned to succeed in the college and career of their choice.