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Every Minute Counts

By setting the highest expectations for personal and academic achievement, our mission is to prepare every Coney Island Prep scholar to succeed in the college and career of his or her choice. Coney Island Prep scholars benefit from highly skilled teachers and staff, rigorous academic programming, and a longer school day and year.

As a parent, I love the open door policy. I can sit in a classroom to observe. Families are appreciated in so many ways!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Coney Island Prep different from other schools?

Coney Island Prep blends rigor and joy, setting the highest expectations for scholars, teachers, and families. Our curriculum, developed by our talented teaching staff, represents the most innovative and effective practices currently used in the field of education. Coney Island Prep’s longer school day and year mean more time in the classroom and more opportunities to succeed. Teachers are available after school, on weekends, and over the summer by cell phone and e-mail.

Our financial autonomy allows us to hire the best teachers, adopt educational tools and technologies that promote achievement, and offer more for students at no cost to their families. For example, scholars go on regular college visits and end-of-the-year enrichment trips to cities like Boston, Montreal, and Washington, DC.

Coney Island Prep is not just a school with students and teachers, it is a unique and welcoming community that engages families in everything we do. From the time that scholars enter Coney Island Prep as kindergarteners through their graduation from high school, we partner with families to develop a shared voice that promotes success for every scholar.

Is there a cost to attend Coney Island Prep?

No. Like all public charters schools, Coney Island Prep is entirely tuition-free. Families are expected to purchase uniforms, sneakers, and a backpack for their scholar(s).


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