A Day In The Life

A Day at Coney Island Prep Elementary

  • 6:30am

    Angel puts on her uniform and gets on the yellow bus to Coney Island Prep.

  • 7:20am

    Angel and her classmates who walked to school have all arrived before the 7:25 start time! They eat their free breakfast as teachers check in with scholars.

  • 7:25am

    In her classroom, instruction begins with “Morning Meeting,” where they preview the day, learn key social-emotional skills, and sing songs. Angel brought in a picture of her family to share!

  • 7:50am

    During Math, Angel explores Math concepts in small groups using real-life examples, physical objects, and visuals aids.

  • 8:20am

    Angel’s class transitions to Art, where they create sculptures based on characters in a book they’re reading.

  • 8:50am

    Time to read! During this block of time, Angel’s class focuses on learning about sea animals like starfish, sharks, and whales.

  • 9:30am

    During the science block, Angel digs her hands in the dirt as her class grows plants from a seed. She can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  • 10:00am

    Whew, lots of learning already. Time for a snack and bathroom break.

  • 10:10am

    During her reading block, Angel learns with phonics, participates in read-alouds, and gets in small-group discussions with her peers.

  • 12:10pm

    Time for recess! Angel runs, climbs, and plays with her friends. She’s getting hungry, too.

  • 12:40pm

    Just in time — it’s lunch! All scholars get free lunch, eating healthy, made-from-scratch meals. Angel has some allergies, so she gets a specially-made meal.

  • 1:10pm

    Angel sharpens her pencil and gets to writing. Today, she and her classmates are sharing what they’ve learned about sea life.

  • 1:55pm

    Angel’s last academic block is Zearn Math, where she uses a computer to practice the concepts she learned earlier in the day. How she does will help her teacher create tomorrow’s small group instruction.

  • 3:25pm

    Following the same routine she does every day, Angel packs up her backpack, and gets back on her bus to go home.

  • 3:30pm

    Angel waves goodbye to classmates whose families have come to pick them up as her bus pulls away!