Our Six Staff Pillars

Coney Island Prep’s team is guided by six pillars that are the foundation of our work.


We own our work, driven by personal responsibility to support the achievement of every scholar. When we reach our goals, we reach higher.


We recognize that there is always an opportunity to grow in our profession. We ask for help when we need it, and act on feedback so that we can continuously improve.


We come to school everyday with a sense of humor, enthusiasm, and a love for the work that we do. We’re not just a team at Coney Island Prep, we are friends who are there for each other even on the most hectic days.


There is no more urgent work than educating low-income students. We are serious about making an immediate impact.


We are committed to the core. We are all in.


We evaluate, count, and measure to constantly strive for better outcomes.


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