The success of our schools is determined by the success of our scholars. We look at our results holistically: everything from academic outcomes to character matters.


Coney Island is a world famous tourist destination, but behind the bright lights is a community striving to succeed. With one of the highest unemployment and poverty rates in the city, the value of an excellent education is all the more critical.

At Coney Island Prep, we’re driven by our mission to ensure every scholar is prepared to succeed in the college or career of his or her choice. Nine years in, we are making great strides toward this goal.

  • College

    100% of our first graduating class was accepted to college in 2017, including many highly selective colleges like Georgetown, NYU, American, Howard, Penn State, and the US Naval Academy.

  • Prepared

    Our juniors and seniors out-performed the city, state, and country in SAT “College Readiness” scores, with 62% of our scholars demonstrating that they won’t need to take costly remedial classes in Math and English.

  • Excellence

    Our Middle School students who take high school regents exams in Algebra and Living Environment have excelled in recent years: 100% passed the Algebra exam, and 90% passed the Living Environment exam.

College Readiness

As measured by the percentage of students meeting the “College and Career Readiness” benchmark on the SATs.

62% of Coney Island Prep students met College and Career Readiness benchmarks on the SAT, that's 8% better than the US average and 37% better than the rest of their district.
  • Diversity

    Coney Island Prep is a diverse school, made up of students coming from families speaking over two dozen languages and from every continent (except Antarctica and Australia!).

  • Need

    Approximately 84% of our scholars are eligible for Free and Reduced-Price Lunches, though we provide breakfast and lunch to all students for free regardless of need.

  • Race

    Across our three schools, 43% of scholars identify as Black, 30% Latino, 16% White, 10% Asian, and 1% Multi-Racial.

Demand & High Student Retention

In the most recent enrollment period, we had five students enter our lottery for every seat we had available.

We are also proud to have high retention rates among our students — fewer than 5% of our students left our school during the 2016-17 school year, mostly due to families moving. Most were then replaced by students on our long waitlists, leaving us with a net attrition rate of just over 1%.

  • Special Needs

    22% of our scholars have special needs, which is a higher proportion than our Community School District in South Brooklyn, and 5% are English Language Learners, which we expect will increase in the coming years.