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The single greatest lever that we have to set the right course for our scholars is our teachers. They go all in to build joyful, academically-rigorous learning experiences for our scholars.

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  • Jacob's headshot

    Jacob Mnookin

    Executive Director

  • Leslie-Bernard's headshot

    Leslie-Bernard Joseph

    Deputy Executive Director

  • Margaux's headshot

    Margaux Cornelison Lynam

    Director of Academic Special Projects

  • Victoria's headshot

    Victoria Curry

    Director of Recruitment

  • Eldridge's headshot

    Eldridge Gilbert III

    Chief Schools Officer

  • Eric's headshot

    Eric Green

    Chief Academic Officer

  • Alexis's headshot

    Alexis Hammack

    Director of Mathematics Curriculum

  • KC's headshot

    KC Klegar

    Director of Finance

  • Rachel's headshot

    Rachel Kreutzer

    Special Projects Coordinator

  • Kevin's headshot

    Kevin Pesantez

    Executive Assistant

  • Ramona's headshot

    Ramona Pierre

    Operations Leadership Fellow

  • Matt's headshot

    Matt Stern

    Director of External Affairs

  • Jenny's headshot

    Jenny Syed

    Director of Special Education

  • Ross's headshot

    Ross Thomason

    Chief People Officer

  • Amanda's headshot

    Amanda Warco

    Director of Data and Assessment

  • Ashley's headshot

    Ashley Weech

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Shalik's headshot

    Shalik Wilkins-Tate

    Talent Associate

  • Ashley's headshot

    Ashley Williams

    Director of Family and Community Engagement

  • Iman's headshot

    Iman Wright

    Human Resources Manager